Windows on the World of Raymond Plank
Founder, Apache Corp
Vol. 2010 No. 7
“What If” & “Yes We Can” (Do What, Ruin the Country?)
What if the recently enacted Health Care legislation is a gigantic scam?


What if the officially designated Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a subterfuge, a “Trojan Horse” as it were, out of which will pounce troops on the defenders of Troy, and do them in?


What if, instead of advancing health care, its purpose is to overburden Federal, State, County, and City governments so that the combined excess of spending in excess of incoming revenues swamps America, with major, negative global consequences?


What if the dismal SWAMP be not accidental, but deliberate?


Before turning to certain of the flaming arrows that have ignited the flames of doubt and concern, please consider certain of the objectives of two accredited Socialist/Communist “experts,” teaching and writing from their base of operations at Columbia University, concurrently with student, Barrack Obama of Columbia University, Class of 1983.


The professors’ names are Frances Fox Piven, born 1932 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Richard Cloward of Rochester, New York.  Since the two joined in matrimony and in their endeavors, credit the excerpts to both, the basis for which is quoted with a paper presented for the Socialist Scholars which called for a “systematic strategy of irregular and disruptive tactics among the poor, urging them to overburden city and state governments with their ‘demand’ as a means of forcing them to turn to the federal government for more and more aid.”   “With more to gain in the welfare state from a major upheaval in our society.”


In Cleveland, professor Piven noted, “I only want to make one point – the disruption of the system.  Welfare spending will begin to go up – the impact will be very, very, sharp.  The mounting welfare budget will increase taxes, force cities to turn to the Federal government.  We have to help people make claims; for which they will organize and act.” 


Titles include, “Regulating the Poor,” “The Politics of Turmoil,” “The New Class War (1982),”  “The Breaking of the American Social Compact” (1997).


What if the following events of 2010, the chant “Yes we can,” can do what, fit neatly into a plot to overthrow American values from within, the scheme being orchestrated and implemented 180o out of phase, while the rhetoric of the president asserts, “I am not a socialist; I want responsible free markets,” while sliding into the health bill provisions whereby the public, including small and large employers alike would fill out not millions but billions of forms annually and require the Internal Revenue Service to supervise and coordinate reporting of all transactions which aggregate $600.00 per year?


When the recent disclosure of public employees (police and firemen) in New York City, Omaha and country-wide, are able to retire making $75,000 per year and receive life time pensions exceeding $100,000 per year at 40 years of age or less? 


When the president greets workers of Wal-Mart, marching on Washington to protest $12.50 per hour in wages, encourages them to unionize and break America’s largest retailer?


When the administration extends unemployment compensation from a year to a year and a half and calls for more relief funds to create not more jobs, as indicated, but larger claims against the dollar under siege?


When under 1% return on short term money invested mucks the work and savings ethic of America in favor of inflation & deflation to bring down the economy, and contribute to anarchy. “Yes we can!” – Do what?


When millions of our population are totally exempt from income taxes, and the percentage of those Americans paying taxes is reduced? 


When a former President of Calpers, the country’s largest holder of pension funds of teachers and public workers notes, “We have a great podium from which to further our political objectives” followed by the demand that the value of the retirement funds be offset by government contributions to restore that which was lost to market decline, and a week in August saw a $28 billion dollar Senate appropriation to move in that direction. Is this about the drummers at the head of the parade?  Leading their followers along the pavement with manhole covers open to the septic tanks.


When the government already holds 50% of home mortgages and the hungry CEO heads of Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac are back again at the federal pay window for more bail out funds of billions of dollars to “tide them over.”


When the big three of the automotive industry on government life support (and control) scramble to stay in business (and maintain union payroll scale, benefits, retirement funds, and health care).


When the federal government asserts it is to look into tax exempt municipal, county, and state funding with tax exempt funds engaged in potential improprieties.  Why threaten?     


And maybe, just maybe, government doesn’t care if the costs of fuel (gasoline, diesel oil), and medical supplies rise with foreign imports under which price rises are passed through, by foreign exporters, to the American consumer.  Yet the imported oil bill is very large, indeed.    If we import two-thirds of the oil we consume or 8 of 12 million daily barrels in oil and refined products we are exporting, depending on price, in excess of $200 billion per year and the jobs associated not to include the value of the jobs lost by attempting to eunuch the largest industry in the U.S.


How about the impact on lost taxes, land and royalty owners, including the government and state shares of royalties, lease rentals, retirement and health funds, social security, pensions, and litigation costs.  “That’s all right, we’ll print more money,” empower more government bureaucracy rule makers, swilling at the public trough.


Beginning in 2012 to capture more revenues “to innocently recover increased health costs” the government would require all businesses, large and small; to report sales (purchases) to the IRS in form 1099 filings.  In a 125 trillion dollar economy that would mean billions of extra reports, which equate to a forest of trees cut down.  Perhaps, including households, the purchase of a bed (mattress and box springs) would cost a family over $600 and require reporting.  It would stifle the economy and thrill the mafia. 


Field day for Washington D.C. corruption beneficiaries. 


Field day for dictatorship in the “Republic.”


A mockery of those American men and women who have put their lives on the line for America and have died for their country pursuing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness versus anarchy/communism in the once “proud to be an American” U.S.A.  Maybe we still are.


“Yes we can!”  Can do what?  Allow our country to be destroyed from within? 


These are neither leftist Democrat, nor conservative Republican issues, being swept under the transparency blanket; they are political issues, honorable men and women moral issues.  Maybe it’s “shape up or ship out” time, time for protests, millions of protests.