Windows on the World of Raymond Plank
Founder, Apache Corp

Vol. 2017 No. 1

Windows on the Political World of Raymond Plank

This issue begins in New Mexico with pen in hand.  It could as well have been elsewhere as the topical matter equates across the U.S.; the reaction to the Trump victory for small business and well beyond applies.  Small business is delighted both with the election results, the appointments made, and early priorities.  In New Mexico small businesses were not wearing their Trump/Pence hats or displaying bumper stickers on their cars as it could cost them patronage were Trump or Clinton to be advertised.  In summary then, a lot more voters had rebelled against leftist democrats whose symbol is the donkey, mule, or ass (a nice fit).

When Donald Trump ran for the presidency, the U.S. middle class found itself poorly represented.  While Trump’s style was appalling to many, his appeal to those who believed themselves disenfranchised, woefully unrepresented by President, House, and Senate, also understood that inflation and spiraling national debt, plus costly military running up national debt by spending over $1.5 trillion per year is out of control.  

Terry Johansen, many year close friend used to quote Daniel Drew, “He who sells what isn’t his’n, must buy it back or go to prison.”  The flight of turds was ripping off and frightening people working hard to meet their family needs, while fearing their names could be called and laid off. 

So Trump became our president, and while members of elite speakers continue to bellyache, CNN being the #1 election misleader, the financial markets have surged raising the value of retirement funds with performance as follows:


Dow Jones average

November 8, 2016                                                18,363

February 15, 2017                                                20,611

                                                                                    12.3% increase (a remarkable performance)

While on the topic, seemingly infallible the long time “Omaha oracle” (Warren Buffett) recently reported his sale of $900,000,000 of Walmart shares which had “hung over” Walmart’s share price and my little market holding which had gone down rather than reflect the underlying business.  On finalizing his large sale, I doubled my holding in keeping with my contrarian orientation while Warren “Puffett,” a remarkable builder of Berkshire Hathaway announced his interest in airlines. 

We are in the “Trump market;” two of my money managers expect it to continue while some investors, of whom I’m one, may now move in the opposite direction.



International Relations & Former President Barack Obama “B.O. Plenty”


Three aspects contrary to U.S. and global wellbeing under international relations:


Iran:  U.S. transfer of substantial cash funds other than U.S. cash to Iran, I deem a major error for any American president to make.  Why subsidize a known opponent in the Near East?  Perhaps we’ve all read or been verbally encumbered with the reasons.  We thereby are funding very bad guys.


My second “bone to pick” has been “B.O.’s” attitude and actions against Israel.  The scars of Anti Christ against Israel are contemptible.  Adolph Hitler, and his “hate Jew” madness and crimes against humanity clearly attest. 


Third and final:  Key to winning wars is to kill enough of your enemy to conquer them.  Of course the over utilized posture is to bring on peace presently and beyond our time, which remains a slogan.  Here I do believe our future needs have nothing to do with soldier’s courage or obedience to orders. 


Perhaps the major challenge and applicable answer follows:


Question:  Is the male or female soldier being sent to war and possible death in vain on the orders of the U.S. Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces?    


Answer:  Yes, before we deploy U.S. troops to foreign soil, the House and Senate would need to vote a declaration of war.  This would take debate out of the widely domestic political posturing before any more undeclared wars could be sanctioned.  Obviously the media would “go political,” so what’s new?  Maybe, just maybe our population could be heard.


May your Trump Days uplift your spirits and our contribution become more direct and upbeat.  

All best and Happy Trump Vigor (hopefully he’ll settle in and be on guard against defensiveness).


Thanks and God Bless,
Raymond Plank