Windows on the World of Raymond Plank
Founder, Apache Corp

Vol. 2014 No.  2



Have any of us in our lifetimes, or in recorded history, as exemplified by the U.S. State Department’s Kerry and the Obama presidency, intervening in relations with other nations to the degree of the rants presently in process?  I doubt it.

Once the U.S. or another major nation starts down the road to war, when and where in history, have events such as we claim to be in self-defense, done more, other than pass through the gates to wars, all undeclared since World War II; North Korea, Vietnam, twice with Iraq, the running conflict within Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands killed, maimed, multiplied within bereaved families.  And what has been our success ratio of averting travesties such as Libya’s Benghazi, Syria’s on-going slaughter with Iran perhaps flexing its nuclear and chemical muscles.

What’s wrong with the Wall Street Journal’s March 24th front-page headline story “U.S. Scurries to Shore Up Spying on Russia?”  And what’s likely to be going on within print media?  Years ago when the U.S. sent a spy plane over Russia, the defenders rose, and shot down our plane, finding it in reasonably good condition for advancing their own technology.  Our pilot had jumped, was saved, and sought to “cover up,” while our government was first in denial, then fessed up, and if I recall accurately, paid Russia for overflying their country.

Today our print media news has an impossible task to keep up with high tech internet and satellite technology.  While print media struggles to compete, satellite technology is such that, people, automobiles, and even car licenses can be read from space and transmitted.  Print media seeking to be relevant may be going too far in an inappropriate direction.  Short-term news coupled with increasingly flamboyant interpretations, may be misleading within the thought streams of decision makers.

There are areas in which the “great powers” can and should have more interest in common on which to build than under the façade of self-defense.

If we, as the human race, seek positives on which to build, are we not in a better position to avoid devastating conflict.

I’ve asked Deb Koehler, able Houston assistant, to attach a copy of a letter Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil’s Chairman & C.E.O. recently sent in response to my inquiry with respect to the sequestering of CO2, which he has authorized be utilized, his request having been promptly granted.  I thought it valid and relevant enough to add to my XOM securities holdings.  The private sector seeks to do its share.  /home-1/windows-on-the-world/vol-2/tillerson-rex-020314

It’s my personal belief that the U.S. is fortunate to have the resource base, the development and utilization of which enables our country to be #1 in the world’s living standards.  We are blessed with our resources.

Deb has also noted the initial Windows was August 2009; this current issue is my thirty-seventh.

My current and, at age 92, likely to be my last major stewardship outreach is perhaps my most important endeavor to advance as the sands in my hourglass continue to run.

Regards, and many thanks for your interest and support.

R.P. March 31, 2014