Windows on the World of Raymond Plank
Founder, Apache Corp
Vol. 2011 No. 4


The hour here approaches midnight July 28, 2011, and I would like to share thoughts with you; thinking on paper, my subject, of course, is gridlock in America spells more chaos across the world.


Television media have reported as best they can, and from what I’ve followed, for whatever the reason, they are adding more hysteria, spelled political, than enlightenment namely the core of why we flounder.


The problem is simple to understand.  For years Americans and our government have spent more than the revenues received, and problems flow from that simple reality.


Two of three branches of government, being leftist, seek to overcome our problems through the same practice which throughout Obama’s approach, have not and are not working to solve the problems; throw more money at it, in the course of which trillions of dollars, have failed in their ostensible strategy to spend more, and tax more to enable more of the same.  The public, angry and taking a larger role within our staggering democracy, does not accept the premise that more narcotics are an acceptable solution for curing chemical dependency, and while reticent to roll back entitlements to ourselves, have lost trust in our leadership.


The traditional games of short term political witch craft, the pillar of which spells class warfare, is not a cure for overindulgence.  Trust has been spent and lost along with trillions of under effective funding.


Our sickness is played out on a global stage in which leftist ideology of wealth redistribution take on the tenets of failed communism than failing socialism.  


Those persons and organizations, such as the Tea Party Patriots, whose message is abundantly clear, or the American Heritage Foundation and the National Rifle Association, which threaten leftist wrong headedness, are attacked for not playing a losing hand, as demanded by those of little faith and confidence in U.S. earlier principles.


Business is attacked, “evil oil companies” receive special negative attention, continuing the fifty year precedent when in reality they are the people who bring America and other nations a higher standard of living, more jobs, and deserved respect from those who prefer to tear our country down rather than change their own practices of defamation of character.


We do not need more wrong headedness, more corrupting graft, more lies, more spinning out of control to thrash and crash.  We need more calm, determination, deliberate movement toward reason, more self-reliance, less short term compromise which defers solution, and above all we need pilots who know how to pull out of America’s Kamikaze dive.


We don’t need more lies, lack of transparency, and vertigo.  America does have a proud, value driven past; it’s overdue that we comprehend the ingredients of success and shun the fun and games of illusion versus reality.