Windows on the World of Raymond Plank
Founder, Apache Corp

Vol. 2012 No. 10

Post Election Aftermath

Though I have followed elections since I was ten years old in 1932, noted with my dad pre television, I have not experienced a more disappointing set of results in eighty years, nor one more threatening to the future of the U.S. and the global setting.  My concerns and disappointments I know to be widely shared across America and Europe which has endorsed socialism since the end of World War II, in which humanity was engulfed for six years, 1939-1945.

For it was in 1939 that Hitlers’ Wehrmacht pounced on Europe and as high school juniors we knew the U.S. would go to war. In 1941 I joined the Army Air Corps to kill the enemy through 1945 then went back to college to complete my degree, and started a small business in the fall of 1946.


But those years are covered and beyond until retirement in my memoir, “A Small Difference,” which span ninety-one years between 1922 and 2012.  I have been pleased by its reception since mid 2012, and a number of universities, colleges, already using it for classroom study at the college and post college levels among M.B.A. and PhD candidates.


Pleased for the following reasons:  My first interest is in education – lifetime learning which to me deals with “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” the latter more achievable through learning than waiting for expanded availability of food stamps, and now government funded condoms to deal with leftist collusion between entitlements and over stimulated inflation.


My parallel interest is in energy, predominantly oil and gas, my primary field of lifetime employment.  An analogy is that of the fireman who spent his career fighting fires and in retirement still thinks of scurrying off to fire alarms.    Fortunately firemen the world over have a higher success ratio putting out fires than our government which knows we have the capacity to be energy self-sufficient but passes up the opportunity to coexist with the realities of earth warming on the one hand and reducing our cash outflow by billions of dollars per week when we’re already over stretched in financial irresponsibility, blubbering about going over financial cliffs while in a free fall.


If this paragraph is redundant – then so be it.  A week before the November 6th election on TV, I watched a rerun of the two finalists, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and John McCain of Arizona, in which Senator Obama blamed the conservative party for high gasoline prices by preferring to open government lands to exploration and production from Prudhoe Bay in the north, and government lands off all our coasts and onshore prohibited areas as well.  Among his exuberant promises during the debate, he promised three million more U.S. jobs, which without so much as sniffing the air when elected, he reversed himself around the continent.  While the three million-job figure must have been pulled from the air, a million more jobs in the private sector was probably a reality, and if the million replaced a million on relief, Americans employed add to tax roles while replacing those entitled to cradle to grave maintenance.


The importance of then false debate rhetoric is simple. He clearly understood we had at hand a major source of jobs, job security, source of self-respect, and pride for Americans in the private sector.  Why didn’t he instruct his insiders and the EPA to find a way to reconcile the contradiction to find a way to enable the energy industry to pull on the wagon? 


The last account I have read since November 6th is entitled “The Crisis of American Self-Government,” a distinguished report derived from Harvey Mansfield “Harvard’s pet dissenter," on the 2012 election, the real cost of entitlements, and why he sees reason for hope.

The interview was granted to WSJ’s writer Sohrab Ahmari whom I quote:  “Mansfield who began as a student liberal taught both in California and at Harvard, where he observes, ‘It isn’t easy being the most conservative intellectual at an institution that has drifted even further to the left for half a century.'"

“I live in a one party state and very much more so a one party university.”


He also quips that the 2012 campaign was confined to defending what they’ve already achieved and making small improvements – student loans, free condoms.  “The Democrats are the party of free condoms.  That’s typical for them.”


Hopefully you’ll refer to the full article.


I’ve spent two days writing letters to several conservative groups floundering to raise more money for more of the same, and that has prompted me to consider what a party might do to restructure itself to become more relevant to our country and the younger generation which face the burdens of balancing the health of our nation and a world appalled that we are hell bent to bulldoze our future by selling it short.

Have you noticed that over at major sporting events, ads for AFLAC the lovely duck, and Warren Puffets’ GEICO seem to prefer their repetitive ads to the Star Spangled Banner?


Perhaps in the next Windows, I may try out a few concepts in a positive approach to U.S. governance as an alternative to mutual name-calling.  I think I’d also like to make the case for a truth squad when the opponents have fed us giant whopper mistruths. 

Thank you!

Wishing you a productive New Year,

Raymond Plank