Windows on the World of Raymond Plank
Founder, Apache Corp

Vol. 2012 No. 7




Disclosure:  While I watched all of the convention on CSpan rather than national networks, the following are presumptions, interpretations based on personal views of many years of first radio monitoring at age seven through television since it was first widely available post World War II.  I consider myself an independent whose values since Obama took office four years ago render him, the most dangerous president to the people of the United States and the world alike in history.


I recognize opinions and impressions vary, that we see and hear others very differently.  To me the best thing about the president is the parties’ reality that a black man, had proven to the world that the United States elected him to the presidency of our country.  Since then his performance has gone from bad to worst from my perspective.


To me the convention was outstanding, from the beginning with Republican governor Christie of New Jersey, and ending with Mitt Romney, the nominated Republican contender for the November 6th, 2012 presidential election.  The Republican leaders from the House and Senate did very well.  Even Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, whom I have not cared for since Warren Buffet and I sat in his office and were rebuffed, an attitude that showed him a probable tool of some major American businesses.  I felt similarly of the former contender for the presidency and wounded war hero, Robert Dole, who to me put the interest of his state, Kansas, ahead of the interests of his country.  Each of Florida Senator, Marco Rubio, Senator John Thune of South Dakota, and the Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, did an outstanding job.


Senator Dole and I met at the U.S. embassy in Bucharest, Romania, where he spent part of one day with an audience seeking his support for those who had fled Romania when Nicolae Ceausescu, the cruel dictator and his wife were gunned down when their pilot landed at a prearranged destination.  At that point in time one Pat Alexander, now Alexander-Boulding, an outstanding person, was running, through the Ucross Foundation, that which I had named the Romania Freedom Lift – which carried food, clothing, and medical supplies to the former communist country in an effort to save children from starvation and AIDS.


At the convention Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, son of Ron Paul, the Texas Congressman who won almost 10% of the primary delegates, did very well, speaking clearly and concisely for Mitt Romney and the values shared.  That which I like the most about the Pauls is the extent to which primarily Rand’s dad has rallied college age Americans to conservative principals versus those who espouse heading toward communist central government principles.


Among the American groups on which the convention was focused was a smattering of blacks, women in government and businesses whose origins were Mexico, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Washington State.  Anne Romney was superb, from A to Z, from her origin as a mother of five sons and the Romney family relationships.  I thought their performances were an outstanding contrast to the leftist liberals.   


Condoleezza Rice was superb, no racial barriers or innuendos there!  While as Secretary of State her identity in having lifted self from poverty, she was and is brilliant.   One, and only one media commentator noted she ought to seek the governorship of California.


The spokesmen hit hard on energy self-sufficiency, reliance on the Constitution, faith in God, and confidence in America’s ability to recover, lead, and accept responsibility.  Congressman Paul Ryan, young, positive with economics and energy realism was outstanding; both he and Mitt Romney calling for spending cuts, twelve million new jobs and as Mitt Romney put it, “a government so strong and respected fewer might dare to attack us.”  The Tea Party Patriots, whom I have applauded since their origin, lived up and played on team U.S.A. 


I happen to agree that the U.S. can cut military expenditures and forces abroad as called for by Ron Paul.  I happen to agree with the Pauls that the U.S. does not require the presence of our troops in over one hundred foreign countries to the tune of a half million men and women and contracted players.  If Condoleezza Rice mentioned that, I missed it.  Paul Ryan touched on a realignment providing greater security, with enough savings to enable us to update our fifty year old bomber force.


As Mitt Romney made his way to the podium, he shook the hands and no doubt thanked many persons who had contributed to uniting the party and advancing shared values.  I wondered at the time if it had not been preferable before a much wider audience had he thanked and named a few of his elected supporters, among those who spoke in his behalf.


Clint Eastwood was funny, sarcastic, brilliant, a great hit beyond the normal Hollywood crew, particularly measured by the amount of attacks that were made on him by the media.  None of his presentation offended in the way Obama’s ad did in which an elderly woman in a wheelchair is about to be pushed off a cliff.   I am turned off by the majority of the media, the normal Hollywood crew, and socialist pinko professors who fortunately are largely offset by true scientists. 

I decline to predict the November 6th outcome but pray that a second term be not added to the President.