Windows on the World of Raymond Plank
Founder, Apache Corp

Vol. 2016 No. 4

Windows on the Political World of Raymond Plank


The third and final Clinton – Trump debate was held last week and I have cast my absentee ballot in Wyoming for Donald J. Trump.  “You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time!”  


The tempo of fooling us has accelerated over the past thirty years, as a nation we have passed the period of being disenfranchised to rising inflation, record national debt, setting the example for the “free world.”  The trio of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and William Jefferson Clinton, the pinnacle of corruption, and self interest,  coordinated an attack on constitutional rights and now we find ourselves concerned with “nuclear” North Korea sending its missiles into the skies while our foreign policy places our military plus an estimated 1.5 million American citizens living and working abroad in danger.


One of my take-a-ways from WWII Army Air Corp bombing of the Japanese was the concern carried over to the present, lest Americans die in vain with our erratic and ill begotten foreign policy.  With our activities in Iran or our President exposing us to the influence of the Ayatollahs by returning frozen assets and funding them while American debt grows and Iran and Saudi Arabia use those funds against us in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East where we are attempting to preserve our interests and protect our allies, including Israel. 


If we are going to make a difference and save our country we are going to have to get proactive, get out of the stands and onto the playing field, calling on others to take to the polls, to overtake the corrupt trio and to “Make America Great Again.”


Thank you, and God Bless you and a cause worthy of proselytizing and supporting. 


Raymond Plank