Windows on the World of Raymond Plank
Founder, Apache Corp

Vol. 2017 No. 2

Commentary, Military Spending & Defense


Commentary: “Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace” by Leon Panetta and Jim Newton, is a good read.  Leon Panetta served in the House of Representatives for thirty-five years in California following which he was involved both in the presidency of Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff and Budget Director.  Later he became Obama’s Director of the C.I.A., followed by Director of Defense.


The figures noted below are as of 2015:


Military spending on page 371 of “Worthy Fights,” Panetta notes: “By 2011 the U.S. spent more on the military budget than the next thirteen highest spending nations combined.”


In the following brief chart is displayed three of the four top spenders:  


Country                       Population                       Military Spending

United States              325 million                         $569.3 billion           

China                            1.98 billion                         $191 billion

Russia                           143 million                        $53.2 billion


So, U.S. spends approximately three times as much as China with six times our population and spends 1/3 as much as does U.S.


Another U.S. tidbit:  Our Pentagon occupies 6,500,000 (6 ½ million square feet) and houses 23,000 military and civilian personnel.  The Pentagon is our largest expense with military, army, navy, and air force almost everywhere in over half of the world’s ninety-four countries, with over 1.5 billion men and women.  For what?


Our leaders are much more interested in dominating the world with overwhelming military power.




Are we a peaceful nation, or might we be the “biggest bully on the block?”

How might we negotiate with China and Russia and prevent them from provoking another 9/11/2001 where passenger planes slammed into our Twin Towers destroying a six building complex as the world watched occupants on television leaping balls of flame as we take our position.  Is it time we work with China and Russia to improve international relations throughout the world, NATO, the United Nations perched in NYC. 


More later…

Raymond Plank